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Posted by Heather Donohue on

Now and again I send an email newsletter to friends who have opted in. My newsletter shares what's new, including any upcoming events or products in the works. I let subscribers know what's new before sharing on social media. 

Below is an example.

If you are a subscriber, thank you! If not and you'd like to be, find the newsletter subscription form in the footer below. Thanks!


Heather Donohue with Felt Succulent CraftBunny Carrot CarTrimmed Felt Egg Ornaments

Hello from still-snowy Minneapolis! I love snow, but it loses its charm after the fourth or fifth solid month of it. I took a break from shoveling for a trip to southern California, where I visited the Rose Bowl Flea Market for the first time. I bought some small, stripey African beads (always adding materials to the craft stash!) and a vintage dress (or two.) 

Next I headed to Palm Springs for the annual creative conference Alt Summit, where I lead a craft workshop! We made felt succulents in a terra cotta pot. Crafting outside with friends is the best. 🪴

I attended business workshops to help me grow my business in different ways, like learning how to pitch to TV shows and magazines. Speaking of TV, I am involved in the launch of MadeTV, a new streaming tv network dedicated to makers and inspired creativity. I'm looking forward to that summer launch because this is just the incentive I need to record more creative how-to video! Read more here: madetvnetwork.com . Lastly, I just posted a handful of Easter crafts to my website, if you'd like to take a look.

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