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My Christmas Stockings at John Derian Company

Posted by Heather Donohue on

Berries stocking, pickles stocking, pelargonium stocking at John DerianBirds stocking, eye stocking, hearts stocking at John Derian

Here’s how my Christmas stockings ended up in one of the finest shops in the world. In 2016, John Derian was on a book tour, promoting his new Picture Book. I lined up to get a signature and say hi like everyone else, but I also presented him with a stocking that pays homage to his 2nd Street shop at Christmastime. (Yes, I was the only person to do that….) The gift probably conveyed that I am a serious fan who makes high-quality things. Here's the stocking:

John Derian Company stocking

The following year, I was invited to make stockings for the shop, many of which drew inspiration from designs in the book—the eye from the cover!—and beloved shop collections, including mushrooms, and pickles.

hand-cut felt pickles for John Derian stockings

I made more stockings in 2021, and stopped by the shop to see them myself when Holiday was in full swing. What a thrill to be amid the magic!

Heather Donohue visits stockings at John Derian


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