Honeycomb Mushroom Kit, 16"

Heather Donohue Crafts

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This beautiful red-and-white honeycomb mushroom is quick to assemble. It is 16" tall, 14" in diameter. Includes a dowel and base, so it can stand on a table, mantle, or other surface. (There is a white string loop attached for hanging, if you prefer.)

Kit contains:

  • One 16' tall mushroom, shipped flat, with a dowel attached
  • 10 white honeycomb balls, 1 1/4" diameter, assembled and attached to red chenille stems (pipe cleaners) as shown
  • 10 white poms, assorted sizes, ⅓" and ½"
  • Cardboard-and-paper base 
  • 5 paper clips to hold mushroom shape (can be removed to store flat)
  • Adhesive squares to hold mushroom shape (for long-term display)
  • Simple instructions outlining how to clip or stick mushroom open, insert dowel in base, then place honeycomb balls and poms.