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Honeycomb Mushroom Kit, 16"

Heather Donohue Crafts

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This beautiful red-and-white honeycomb mushroom is quick to assemble. It is 16" tall, 14" in diameter. Includes a dowel and base, so it can stand on a table, mantle, or other surface. (There is a white string loop attached for hanging, if you prefer.)

Kit contains:

  • One 16' tall mushroom, shipped flat, with a dowel attached 
  • 10 white honeycomb balls, 1 1/4" diameter, assembled and attached to red chenille stems (pipe cleaners) as shown
  • 10 white poms, assorted sizes, ⅓" and ½"
  • Cardboard-and-paper base 
  • 5 paper clips to hold mushroom shape (can be removed to store flat)
  • Adhesive squares to hold mushroom shape (for long-term display)
  • Simple instructions outlining how to clip or stick mushroom open, insert dowel in base, then place honeycomb balls and poms.

The honeycomb mushroom and paper for the balls is made in the USA by a fourth-generation business. I make the paper balls and stand by hand.